Teeth Whitening On Older Teeth

Teeth Whitening On Older Teeth

During our lives our teeth are put through rigorous amounts of wear and tear, whether its because you’re a smoker drink alcohol, fruit juices, teas, coffes and poor dental hygiene all you have to add now is egaing and youre left with stained teeth that you’re embarassed of. Your teeth will naturally become darker through the ageing process, no matter what we do to prevent this from happening eageing will take over and our teeth will darken. Whether your in your twenties or in your sixties, seventies having yellow stained teeth leaves you with low self esteem and confidence. Many people think you can only have your teeth whitened when your “young” but dont be fooled teeth whitening on older teeth can have remarkable reults.

Many people have opted for the “home treatments” which rarely give results and when they do its after a few weeks of trying and repetative usage. This is why teeth whitening specialists offering laser/zoom/power whitening has become so popular. The resulsts of teeth whitening on older teeth can vary from person to person due to the natural formation of their teeth.

It is said that younger teeth are easier to whiten than older teeth meaning resulst can be quicker after just one treatment. However do not worry if you are thinking of having your teeth whitenedand have mature teeth resulst are still visble after just one treatment. Here are a few things to remeber if you are thinking of having your teeth whitened:

  • With age teeth become tougher
  • Whitening gels can find it difficult to penetrate the tooth surface
  • Results may not be ovetly visble after the first treatment.
  • Some cases of mature teeth maynever whiten.

All of these pointed out above are just a few facts you should have a think about before you embark on having teeth whitening on older teeth.

Please bear in mind there is only a very slight cahnce that your teeth wont lighten it is a very rare case that they dont.

During consultations our teeth whitening specialist will log down your shade you begin with and then refer back to that once the treatment is over so you can see just how much your teeth have whitened, you will be amazed with the results.


Cheating Youthful Looks With Teeth Whitening

Cheating Youthful Looks With Teeth Whitening

The youthful style and charisma of the movie and television stars, rock legends, models and reality show contestants has led the contemporary society to develop an idealistic attitude towards them. They manage their youthful style by mainly cheating youthful looks with teeth whitening.

Their attractive personality and mesmerizing appearance has managed to raise the benchmark with relation to the expected looks and personality, even as the years start reflecting in wrinkles and withering skin of common individuals. So what does one do to continue to look fresh and young even as the years tick by?

Firstly, it is very important to let go of the feeling of deprivation which comes from feeling that renowned plastic surgeons, image consultants, dermatologists and professional makeup artists are inaccessible. Simple changes in the lifestyle, food habits and general attitude towards life can make you look and feel younger for years to come.

There are many ways of doing this but cheating youthful looks with teeth whitening gives an instant result.

Below are a few tips we can recommend for you to try.

Your Smile Is The Most Important Aspect

If you really want to defy the years in your age and look much younger than what you really are, make your smile a permanent part of your continence. The act of putting forward your best smile makes you look innocent, charming and pleasant and wipes out years from your life’s timeline. If you are unsure of your smile and feel like you cant show it off because of staining or yellow teeth then professional teeth whitening is the key. Having your teeth whitened instantly makes you appear more youthful and instantly makes you want to smile. It is said that a smile can make you more attractive as a person.

Dont let your smile ruin your apperance, embark on the teeth whitening avialable at your fingertips.

Look and feel pretty from within:

It is important to indulge in a complete detoxification of the mind, body and soul, through proper food intake, exercise and health regimes. Meditation, yoga, music and other relaxation techniques will encourage the radiation of the internal glow and happiness to the face and external portions of the body. Positive attitude and thought processes keep away stress and all negative thoughts which make you look older and tired. Proper sleeping habits and positive interactions go a long way in making you look and feel younger.

Drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol and tobacco:

Aging of the skin is escalated by poor intake of water which leads to drying and dehydration of the skin. Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to the lowering of blood flow to the face which in turn makes it look dry and sallow. Having a minimum of eight glasses of water on a daily basis, hydrates the skin and makes it look radiant and plump.

Quitting smoking and tobacco consumption increases the elasticity of the skin through an increase in the amount of collagen, minerals and vitamins that reach the epidermal cells through the blood stream. So, if you want to continue looking in your thirties even after crossing fifty, prevent your skin from wrinkles, dryness and pigmentation by avoiding the consumption of tobacco in any form.

Preventing the signs of aging:

As the skin ages, wrinkles, dark spots and blemishes start making their appearance and this makes the skin look dull and listless. Along with the dark circles that outline the eye, falling and thinning hair and the yellowing and staining of teeth prove to be other bothersome signs of aging.

Proper hair and skin care helps in nourishing and reviving the natural appearance and making you look younger than your age. Teeth whitening procedures and methods help in restoring the brightness and natural radiance of the teeth and bring back the dazzling smile that speaks volumes about your personality and well being.

Achieving HollyWood Glamour With Teeth Whitening

Achieving HollyWood Glamour With Teeth Whitening

At some stage of our lives the majority of us will aspire to look like one of our favourite hollywood stars. While the lifestyle of these hollywood starts may be completely out of reach for us we certainly can try to look like them. Achieving hollywood glamour with teeth whitening is now easily avialable to everybody.

the majority of hollywood stars are well groomed, well dressed and are able to carry themselves in a manner of confidence and pazaz. If you look through the hundreds of magazines and papers you will notice a very common trend that runs through the land of stardom such as bright dazzling teeth. A good set of peraly whites gives an attractive friendly look giving you the confidence to be the life and soul of the party.

What Is Glamour

The very word glamour was originally used many years ago to define one accult spell cast upon a person to make him or her believe that somebody was attractive. However today the word glamour exudes elegance and luxurious appearances.

How Do You Become Glamorous

To create the aura of glamour it is important to dress good, look good and be confident. We must ensure we look after ourselves, take care of your skin, hair, nails, and smile. Having whiter teeth helps in the process of gaining the confidence to ooze the glamour you feel inside.
Take a look at glamorous hollywood stars, all of them have their own individual style that makes them attractive. Even though the majority of them are good looking even the ordinary looking celebs still manage to dazzle just by flashing their perfect white teeth and being confident to stand in the crowd and be heard.

Its Not All About Looks

As important as it is to look and dress good, glamour is also acheived through connecting to the people around you. Having the glamorous smile will ensure you are a warm and welcoming character ready to listen to what people have to say.

This concludes that being glamorous is more a mindset that needs to be developed. your style look and aura should be a part of you, through your confidence projecting your personality atrracting people to you.

We can help to give you that little boost in achiveing hollywood glamour with teeth whitening.

Tips For Achieveing Whiter Teeth

Do You Yearn For Whiter Teeth?

It is guaranteed that the vast majority of you reading this question automaticaly answered YES! Since the popular option of teeth whitening has become available in the US and many celebrities opting to have the brightest whitest teeth available, us as the public have become obsessed with wanting to look just like our favourite celebrity. We do this in ways such as cosmetics, hair styles, clothes and now our teeth. There are many tips for achieveing whiter teeth that you can folow to ensure your smile is the whitest and most envied smile.

If you have stained teeth it can decrease your confidence in the biggest way possible making you feel unhappy. People with stained teeth are less likely to smile due to the fact they dont want to be judged about their teeth. It is a known fact that the less we smilethe less we actually feel like smiling whirlwinding us into a downward spiral of unhappy feelings and low confidence.

Feeling stressed or anxious about meeting somebody new?

Being low in the sel confidence department can cause different facial expressions that you are completely unaware of, such facial expressions can make you look un helpful or uninviting making people less likely to talk to you.

Tips For Achieveing Whiter Teeth

Acheieving a brighter whiter smile has never been easier. Below are some simple easy to follow tips for achieveing whiter teeth giving you smile youve always longed for.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitenign has become not only the UK’s number one choice but the number one choice all over the world for gaining a brighter whiter smile. Laser teeth whitening sometimes known as power or zoom whitening gives you instant results and a brighter whiter smile in less than one hour.

It is recommended that you take simple steps beofore and after your treatment to ensure you get the best results and continue to reap the benefits after the treatment. These are outlined below.

Brushing And Flossing

This is a technique we sholud all do at least twice a day. Brushing should be done with a good quality toothbrush and toothpaste whitening toothpastes can be used for after your treatment to help maintain your whiter smile, however they will not whiten your teeth beforehand. Circular motions should be used when brushing to ensure no food particals are missed or pushed into the gaps inbetween your teeth.

Flossing is a vital part of our routine as this helps to ensure any food particals throughout the day are disloged from inbetween your teeth which cause dark spots and stains.

What Causes The Stains?

The food and beverages we consume on a daily basis play a big role on the discolouration of our teeth.  Even after you have had your teeth whitened the maintenance is a vital part of ensuring your teeth stay white. Below are a few items that should be avoided in the first few hours/days of your treatment.

  • Red Wine
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Juices
  • Cola
  • Smoking
  • Green Veg
  • Dark meat

All  of these casue staining and will easily re stain any whitened teeth. Please dont feel like these have to be completely ruled out of your diet. Keep up with maintenace such as regular brushing with whitening tooth pastes and re book with one of our specialists every few months for our to up treatments to ensure you can have your whiter smile and still enjoy the little things.

Teeth Whitening Procedure For Whiter Teeth

Teeth Whitening Procedures

A face with no smile can easily be misread as a moody sulky face. This is the magical powers of what a smile can do to one person, it instantly lightens up the whole face. Unfortunately as we grow older our teeth become stained meaning we no longer want to smile, for worry of being wrongly judged. Fortunately the quick effective teeth whitening procedures available can instantly solve this problem.

What Causes Stained Teeth

Our habits such as drinking tea, coffee, red wine or smoking cause teeth to become darker. Because of this people lose their confidence turning their faces into gloomy and absence of a smile. Having your teeth whitened is like an instant smile make over adding cofidence and self worth.

How To Rectify It

If you have encountered the problem of teeth discolouration your best option is to embark on power teeth whitening. Many people are now confused on what the difference of laser, zoom, power whitening procedures really are . The truth is they are all the same, they all use the same method and products. Each method can give you whiter brighter results leaving you happy and able to smile with confidence.

The teeth whitening procedure is quick and effective giving you results in under one hour. you will start with a consultation with one of our trained specialist followed by you relaxing and letting us whiten your teeth. A cheek retractor will be inserted in your mouth and whitening gel will be applied onto the teeth followed by our state of the art lamp to help activate the gel. Once your session is over a reminalising gel will be applied to help nourish your teeth making them feel healthy and fresh.

Teeth whitening procedures have become increasinlgy popular for all ages. There are numerous products and treatments available claiming to give you the best results and whiter teeth. But, be careful not to get sucked into marketing as this can cost you money and time. For brighter whiter teeth you will get instant results from power whitening. Whitening toothpastes cannot give you whiter teeth however they can help to maintain once you have had whitening treatment done professionaly.

Visit Smile Right 365 for teeth whitening in Milton Keynes and get your new brighter whiter smile today.

Power Whitening And Dark Teeth Does It Work

Power Whitening And Dark Teeth

Power whitening for dark teeth is quickly becoming the number one cosmetic dentistry treatment for whiter teeth due to it being safe and effective and can be done less than one hour. Not only this but it is one of the most durable treatments for whiter teeth as the results can last up to two years dependant upon your lifestyle and daily habits. Power whitening and dark teeth go hand in hand easily have your dark teeth whitened in under one hour.

Does Power Whitening Work On Very Dark Teeth?

The simple answer to this is YES, Power whitening and dark teeth will work and it will whiten your teeth. We advise that dependant upon the darkness of your teeth results vary. If your teeth are very dark you’re not going to walk out with blindingly whiter teeth but it will significantly lighten your teeth, and the process can be repeated every few months to make them whiter and whiter.

How Does It Work

Teeth Whitening uses a compound of whitening gels and halogen lights to penetrate the surface if the teeth. This process breaks down all the stains and dark spots in the teeth allowing more light to bounce off the teeth gving a whiter appearance.

You can help to assist with the whitening process and ensure the results last longer by reducing your intake of foods and beverages that stain the teeth. This includes things such as Coffee, Tea, Red Wine, Cola, Curry and foods containing excessive artificial colouring.

After Your Treatment

After your treatment you will be advised to eat a “white Diet” consisting of foods that have no colour such as chicken, bread, rice, pasta, milk etc. This will help to reduce re staining in the first 48 hours after treatment. you may experience senistivity during or after but using a sensitive tooth paste can help to reduce this.